The Next Breath of Air...

We are proud to announce the release of our debute EP, The Next Breath of Air... , on the 12th of June. We have poured all of our efforts into creating a musical experience that takes you through shimmering soundscapes, thundering riffage, and delicate harmony. With a wide dynamic range and memorable melodies, this is an EP that we hope will grow with each listen. Being the first stepping stone on Quantum’s journey to greater heights, these songs have come to be an important cornerstone of the band’s live performances, and act in many ways as a foundation for the Quantum sound.


We hope you like it 

Anton, Marcus, Oscar and Samuel


The Next Breath of Air...



The Next Breath of Air...






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... is a progressive rock band from Stockholm. Influenced by music ranging from progressive rock à la Genesis and King Crimson, to extreme metal bands like Mastodon, to jazz fusion in the vein of The Mahavishnu Orchestra - Quantum plays music that can shimmer one moment only to explode in the next. The dynamic range spanning from jazz ballad to bursts of metal; combined with expanded forms from classical music, intricate harmonies, and mathy rhythms - all while still keeping a focus on groove and melody - creates a sound that is quite something else.


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